Words of Kindness

"Let me say, the staff and care given at Snyder has been excellent from the admissions process through the skilled care my mom has received. I have been most impressed by the kindness given to my mother and I have been pleasantly surprised by the warm greetings given me when I visit - many staff even call me by my name directly. It is easy to understand how a caring and motivated staff would render excellent care to a resident of their facility; but I think the personal greetings given to family and friends, epitomizes a truly dedicated staff. As someone who has worked many years in medical care, it is often difficult to merge both professionalism and deep caring as part of the overall culture. Snyder Village has, in my opinion, done so exceptionally."

"When we honor those whom we regard as heroes we naturally and rightly think of those who have served in the military. However, there are other heroes that are not recognized enough. Those that comfort the old, the disabled and who stand as guides to help them go through the often traumatic changes in their lives – these are people who are no less heroic. I am honored to have seen so many at Snyder Village."

-Direct Quote from a Resident's Family Member