The activity programs at Snyder Village meet the needs of the residents, and the residents play an integral role in determining those activities and their participation. Our programs are done with the residents, not for them. Our residents enjoy a multitude of activities, including spiritual, social, active and fun programs seven days a week. Our activity team consists of dedicated, trained professionals who care for our residents and are committed to providing our quality programs and enriching daily living as much as possible. We want residents to live at their highest level of independence and with dignity while encouraging and offering opportunities to tap into their creative skills, social interactions, and daily engagement.

We understand that each resident has unique preferences. That’s why we offer a wide variety of activities and experiences. Staff carefully considers each resident’s medical condition while planning and creating fun activities that will enrich them. Activities may range from individual, one-on-one experiences as well as group interactions that may even include other residents in different levels of care on campus.


We know that every person has social needs and has to interact and mix with people in their age group at times. With our activities specially designed for social interaction, not a single member will feel out of place here. We take care of events such as celebrating birthdays of a resident or organizing other such fun parties and events for them to mingle with each other. We make sure that we celebrate every event and holiday there ever is keeping the holiday spirit and cheer alive all around. Our volunteers sometimes offer to read to our residents as well as interact with them through various games like Scrabble, playing cards etc.


We also take care of residents’ physical capabilities by charting out various exercise and fitness regimes that are designed for each member individually. Interaction with animals such as dogs and cats which is known to improve and lift a person psychologically has always been well received by our residents. Also, quiet activities like gardening can make a huge difference in a person’s mental health. All these activities are designed to make sure that their entire physical, as well as mental well-being, are being taken care of.

With our range of social and physical activities, our residents are guaranteed to never get bored or feel lonely. Whether you’re living in our Health Center or our Retirement Community, these activities are specially designed to motivate you to live each day with vigor and enthusiasm. The success of these activities is shown when our residents are having fun and feeling involved and creating their own home community.