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life plan communities

Why Choose a Life Plan Community?

With over 900 million people in the world over the age of 60 and that number projected to grow to 1.4 billion by 2030 and 2.1 billion by 2050, the

clinical depression

Older Adults and Depression

While feeling the “winter blues” or having an occasional bad day is a normal part of life, feeling depressed all of the time is not, nor is it an inevitable


Top Benefits of Volunteering in Retirement

For many, life has been filled with consistent schedules, tasks, and duties while working in their given fields.  Once retirement begins, they may ask themselves “Now what?” as their schedules

skilled nursing care

Tips for Choosing Skilled Nursing Care

A sudden fall or other health crisis may unexpectedly put you in the position of searching for skilled nursing care for a loved one.  In a moment of crisis, choosing

caregiver burnout

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

For many of us, the members of our family are the people we value most in life, and we would do anything to protect and care for them.  Perhaps you


How to Downsize

The idea of downsizing can be an intimating one.  If you’ve lived in your home for a number of years, it may be filled to the brim with an astonishing

small towns

Top Benefits of Retiring to a Small Town

In media and entertainment, small towns like Mayberry conjure up idyllic feelings of a simpler life surrounded by friendly neighbors.  Small town living has its perks, and retirees have taken

slower pace

Why Empathy is Vital in Senior Care

Empathy – we know it’s important, we all need it, and we all want it – but what is it really?  Sympathy and empathy are often confused with one another

Keith’s Ride for the Residents

Help support the residents of Snyder Village! Keith & Sandy Swartzentruber will be biking 100 miles in a single day to raise support for the Resident In Need Fund.  This

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