Tour and Pricing: 309-367-4300

Tour and Pricing: 309-367-4300

Snyder Village Welcomes New Chaplain

Snyder Village is pleased to welcome Danira Parra as the new campus chaplain.  Along with her new role at Snyder Village, Danira also serves part time as pastor of Dayspring Native American United Methodist Church in East Peoria. Originally from Arizona, Danira moved to the area over 30 years.  Her love of snow brought her to the Midwest, and she still considers shoveling snow one of her favorite activities.  “It’s great exercise and a great time for praying and singing,” says Danira.

As the chaplain for the Snyder Village campus, Danira will minister to residents and staff in the Retirement Community, Assisted Living, and Health Center.  “My job is to be a prayer warrior here,” explains Danira.  “I am here to listen and pray.”  Residents and staff are encouraged to call Danira “Pastor D” and to leave prayer requests or other notes for her in the box outside the campus chapel, which is located near the pool table.  All requests and information shared will remain private.  “Anyone can leave a note for me.  Just include your name and contact information and I will get back in touch with you,” says Danira.  The chapel is open 24 hours a day and is available as a quiet place to think and pray.

Danira is looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone on campus.  “I am thrilled to be here (Snyder Village)”, she says.  Danira can be reached at (309) 367-4300 ext. 202.

Article by Angela Petersen

Angela Petersen specializes in meeting marketing and advertising needs. With experience in written and visual communication, she enjoys using creative means to connect current and potential residents, families, and supporters. When Angela isn’t busy writing and creating, she enjoys time spent outdoors, volunteering, and exploring the globe.

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