Tour and Pricing: 309-367-4300

Tour and Pricing: 309-367-4300


the non-profit difference

With all the unique characteristics of today’s senior living communities, one important distinction that is often overlooked is whether the community or facility is a for-profit or non-profit organization. An invaluable characteristic of a non-profit community is that any profits gained are invested back into the community, with a focus on caring for the residents and improving the facilities.  The pressure of making money and being accountable to shareholders is a heavy focus for a for-profit organization, whereas a non-profit is given the freedom to remain focused on their mission and resident care.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Snyder Village is committed to providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others in a loving, dignified, and Christian atmosphere.

resident in need fund

While keeping the focus on a high standard of resident care, Snyder Village established the unique “Resident In Need Fund”. This Fund allows Snyder Village to continue caring for those who have exhausted their personal resources and can no longer pay for the cost of their continuing care.

Medicaid only covers roughly 73% of the actual daily cost of care for a Health Center resident who has exhausted their personal funds. This leaves $85 per day unfunded for each resident relying on Medicaid. The unfunded difference falls to Snyder Village to cover.

Several fundraising events take place each year with all proceeds going toward the Resident In Need Fund. Private donations from individuals and businesses are also received online and through mailed appeals to help support the residents.

partner with us

Will you consider partnering with us to build the Resident In Need Fund and bridge the funding gap? Your gifts will make a significant difference in the lives of seniors needing care. We appreciate your support!

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