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Tour and Pricing: 309-367-4300

What to Expect from Home Care

We all have those routine tasks that need doing…washing our hair, sweeping the floor, folding laundry, and cooking meals. The routines of daily life can feel mundane and often thoughtless, that is, until those once-easy tasks become too physically demanding. Perhaps your changing sense of balance is making it difficult to vacuum like you used to, or exhaustion is stealing the energy needed to shower and get ready in the morning. Whether we’re going through a bout of sickness or the aging process is taking a toll, we all have times when we could use a little extra help. A home care service, such as Snyder Village Home Care, provides non-medical assistance with activities of daily living, allowing you to get the help needed to stay in your own home. If home care sounds like it might be a solution to your problem, but you’re left wondering what all it entails, read on to learn what to expect from a home care service.

A simple phone call is all it takes to begin the process with home care. At Snyder Village, our team will begin by asking several questions about your needs to decipher which services would be the most helpful. A home assessment will then be scheduled when a Snyder Village case manager will come to your home to meet you. During the assessment, the case manager will inspect the home for any potential dangers (tripping hazards, mobility barriers, etc.), assess your needs, discuss pricing, and set up a schedule and care plan.

Once the in-home assessment is complete and a care plan has been created, a service agreement will be signed. All parties involved will have agreed upon a schedule, a care plan outlining which tasks will be completed by the caregiver(s), and payment options. Most home care services require private pay; however, many times Veteran’s benefits and long-term care insurance may help cover the cost. With home care service from Snyder Village, you can expect to have you and your property treated with respect and courtesy. Snyder Village will assume the liability of the caregiver, provide day-to-day supervision of the caregiver, and take responsibility of the caregiver’s employment taxes and compensation.

Once the service agreement has been signed, Snyder Village Home Care will assign a trained caregiver for you. Multiple caregivers may be assigned to accommodate certain schedules and service needs. Following the agreed upon schedule, a caregiver will come to your home to help with the identified tasks. These may include help with personal grooming (bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.), meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, medication reminders, and transportation for errands or appointments. Companionship is also offered through activities that you enjoy, such as playing cards, doing puzzles, or simply conversation. It’s important to note that home care service differs from home health care service in that it provides only non-medical care. It does not provide medical services like therapy, skilled nursing care, administrating medications or injections, medical testing, pain management, or wound care.

Jane Miller, a caregiver with Snyder Village Home Care, describes some of the services provided when she says, “We cook meals, assist with showering, toileting, and dressing, give medication reminders, and help with light exercises.  We also do laundry, light housekeeping, drive clients to doctor appointments, grocery shop,  play cards or games with the clients, and even help with seasonal decorating.”  Although Jane achieves satisfaction through the tasks she accomplishes during a typical day of work, the best part of the job is the people.  “I love my job,” says Jane, “I have the greatest bosses! This is my extended family.”  Ultimately, being able to help the clients she serves is what brings her true satisfaction.  “I’m glad to be there to make someone’s day better and easier,” says Jane. 

Snyder Village Home Care provides service to individuals in Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford, and Marshall Counties.  To learn more or to schedule an in-home assessment, call (309) 367-2300.

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