Our Stories

Our Stories

Margo Tennis

Home Care

“Home Care helps me with little things like peeling oranges, slicing apples, and getting my mail – things around the house that have become hard since breaking my arm.  And they take care of my dusting and clean my bathroom.  It’s so nice to have people come and do part of your routine that you don’t even have to think about.

As we get older, we need more help, and Home Care helps my husband with activities of daily living.  They’ll coach him through shaving and brushing his teeth and help him with showering and getting clothes on.  It’s really nice to have caregivers that he’s familiar with and who know his routine.  They even schedule enough time so they can watch baseball with him because he loves that… We love the caregivers who come here.  They (Snyder Village) send us really good people.  That’s the main thing.”

Jim Richardson

Retirement Community

“After visiting several retirement communities, we decided on Snyder Village because it felt fresh and alive.  Seeing so many seniors and staff be friendly and active won our hearts over quickly.  We enjoy the reduced stress, the safety, and the security here.  The ability to participate in events and share great life lessons with other seniors is special.  Laughing and smiling are commonplace here.  

I would recommend Snyder Village to others.  As someone in my mid-70s, I understand that my limits and abilities continue to change.  The activities here keep me alert and satisfied and the staff in all departments are ready to assist your needs.  Snyder Village is truly a special place.”

Edna Meinold


“I had a stroke and was in the hospital and then went to a nursing home for three months.  I needed more help and couldn’t live at home anymore because I’ve lost my eyesight.  We looked at three assisted living places.  We really loved the activities and everything there is to do (at Snyder Village).  
I’ve made new friends and it’s just really nice here. I like the crafts, fellowship, and the games.  I would tell others they would never regret coming here.  The staff and nurses are all so wonderful.  It’s just a great place to live.”

Marilyn Benedino

Family Member

“This is the best kept secret in the Metamora/Peoria area. My brother, Ken, used Snyder Village’s Home care, which is excellent, for a number of months and moved in to a cottage at Snyder Village in January 2020. Snyder made the move so easy for us. They work with a local mover who helped pack as we requested and Snyder Village helped with the moving cost. The cottage was all refurbished with new paint and carpet prior to moving in and their maintenance department was super efficient.

Ken says the meals are home cooking style. He can eat at the Snyder Bistro and order from the menu or have meals delivered to his cottage which came in handy over the winter. Ken feels Snyder has made it easier to give up his home of 52 years, because he feels so safe at Snyder Village.

There are activities and entertainment available throughout the week if he chooses to participate. But most days he is just content with his private life in his cottage. Ken says it is the best move he could have made. His brother and I, who live up to 3 hours away, are so relieved. We know he is happy in a safe place and he has caring people to give him some help if needed.” 

John Call

Retirement Community

“I first came to Snyder Village because it already felt like home.  I’m from Metamora and knew a lot of people in the area.  I like that Snyder Village provides help.  I’m not there yet, but I know there is Assisted Living and nursing care if I need it.”

Pamela Nelson

Family Member

“On behalf of our family, we would like to thank you for the excellent care my mother received while she was living at your facility.  Her quality of life went up exponentially once she moved to her cottage…I believe she was happier than I’d ever seen her.  My siblings would agree that we loved Snyder Village for my mother, and it was the exact place she needed to be.  Your quiet, calm, and confident leadership in this facility is a perfect fit for what that responsibility entails.  We would like to let you know how much we appreciated everything.  Your staff is amazing…everyone was such a blessing to her and to us.  Thank you for taking such good care of her.”

Rosie Alig

Retirement Community

“I love it here! I love the freedom, especially the maintenance. I don’t have to mow the yard. Before I came to Snyder Village, I was tired of doing yard work and calling my son every time I needed something.”

Judie Arnold

Retirement Community

“We’ve always been do-a-lot kind of people with a pretty full calendar. We didn’t move out here to sit and veg. We moved here so we can do everything we did before but not have so much work to do.”

Jerry Key

Retirement Community

“When Janet passed away, everyone here was very supportive. Living here made it easier to cope and helped me get through the loneliness.”

Donna Roger

Family Member

“When Mom was 95, we knew she needed to be somewhere where she could get some help. She had three choices:  live with one of her children, move to Snyder Village, or have someone live with her 24/7. She chose Snyder Village.

For two years, she lived in an apartment there and got great care. It was absolutely wonderful! We couldn’t ask for better. After a stroke, she needed skilled care, and the staff at the Health Center was just awesome. The nurses are all really helpful and attentive. They always let me know of changes occurring. Everyone at Snyder Village is awesome – from the maintenance staff all the way to those who take care of the laundry… everyone is just so caring and helpful.”

Dave Mills

Health Center

“I’d call it a home-like atmosphere. (The Health Center) is not like a hospital. It’s very clean and doesn’t smell. We often take part in the activities. We recently went on a fishing trip and will go on bus tours to view the leaves in the fall and the snow in the winter.”

Read more from Dave here.

Margaret Schertz

Assisted Living

“It’s as near to heaven as I’ll get. I get excellent care here. They take us anywhere we need to go, so that’s a plus. They take us any place in town, and they will take me to my doctor’s appointments. There’s always somebody to help you. That’s the wonderful part about Snyder Village.”

Maxine Kern

Retirement Community

“After my husband passed away, our house and land was just too much to take care of and cost too much to maintain. When I came to Snyder Village, I thought now this was something I could handle.  The maintenance is taken care of for me.  It’s a very kind community and I feel safe here.  I look around and I’ve got it pretty nice.  The Lord’s been good to me.  I’ve got a lot to be thankful for.”

Al & Joan Minner

Retirement Community

“We have the perfect lot. From the sunroom, we see the sunrise every morning. That is very inspiring. When we drove here, it felt like a neighborhood.

Everybody takes care of everybody. Living here, we couldn’t find a friendlier town than Metamora, IL.”

Al Wilson

Retirement Community

“Coming to Snyder Village was the best decision my wife, Arbutus, and I ever made. First of all, it’s Christian. That’s #1. Our children like us here.

They don’t have to worry about us. Snyder Village takes care of everything… the mowing, they take care of the snow and do everything. I’m as free as I can be. And financially, I think it’s the most reasonable and is one of the best taken care of retirement communities.”

Snyder Village is a registered 501(c)(3). EIN: 37-1194111
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Registered 501(c)(3). EIN: 37-1194111
1200 E. Partridge
Metamora, IL 61548 309
(309) 367-4300
Designed by StrategyPlus Solutions