Tour and Pricing: 309-367-4300

Tour and Pricing: 309-367-4300

“We moved to Snyder Village in June of 2021.  We came here for the maintenance-free living, and we also liked the location.  We really like Metamora.  We love our cottage here.  The size, structure, and layout are perfect for us.  We enjoy sitting outside on our patio and the quietness of the area.

We wanted to move here at a relatively young age so that we can enjoy life and not worry about the other stages of needing help that may come in the future.  Snyder Village makes the process a lot easier.  There’s a place for you here if more needs come up – either at Assisted Living or in skilled nursing.  You also know that your spouse will be taken care of in the future too.  

There’s a comfort here knowing that Snyder Village will keep things maintained and we don’t have to worry about reselling the property or anything.  We’ve been able to trust the process here more because of the Christian atmosphere and leadership…  We’d recommend Snyder Village to others.  Come take a tour!”

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