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Ways to stay active as you age

We hear it from our doctors, our family members, and even advertisers – exercise and staying physically active is essential to good health.   We know this to be true, but sometimes acting on that truth can seem daunting.  However, a commitment to staying active does not have to mean taking on a vigorous exercise routine or training for a marathon. Adding simple activities into your everyday life can help boost your physical activity level, and consequently, your mood and general wellbeing.

Health Benefits of Staying Active
Learning of the numerous health benefits of staying physically active can help motivate you to action.  Benefits include helping keep your brain, heart, and lungs healthy, reducing aches and pains, increasing energy levels, and reducing the risk of falls.  Additionally, physical activity can lower the risk of developing conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.  Staying active also helps keep your mental health in shape.  Physical movement can improve your mood, decrease depression, boost confidence and self-esteem, and help you relax and relieve stress.

No matter your age, exercise is essential to good health.  But as we get older, physical activity can become even more vital in helping ward off disease, sustain mobility, and enable an independent lifestyle. “Maintaining a healthy and physically active lifestyle is important within the older adult population,” explains Maddie Hadfield, PTA at Snyder Village Therapy.  “Remaining physically fit provides whole body benefits, reduces the risk of falls and maintains social emotional wellbeing.”  Older adults who exercise regularly are less likely to depend on others.  Participating in regular exercise promotes an older adult’s ability to walk, bathe, cook, eat, and helps reduce the risk of falling.

When considering adding more activity into your daily routine, it is always wise to check with your doctor first to discuss your current activity level and any existing health conditions you may have.  There’s no need to jump headfirst into a vigorous program.  Gradually adding more activity into your daily routine can work wonders for overall physical and mental health.  No matter a person’s age or health condition, there are easy ways to get moving as you age.

Ways to Stay Active
“Some ways to stay active on your own are by taking daily walks, volunteering, or completing indoor and outdoor chores,” says Maddie.  Other creative ways to get moving include:

-Playing with your grandkids
-Walking the fairways when you golf
-Washing your car
-Going for a bike ride
-Walking your dog

The key is to find activities you enjoy and won’t mind doing regularly.  By trying different group fitness classes or learning a new sport, you may discover a new hobby you’re passionate about.  Activities to try could include:

-Tai Chi
-Water aerobics

Not only do group exercise classes like yoga and tai chi improve flexibility and balance to help prevent falls, they’re also a fun way to stay social with others.  Doing an activity with a friend is always more enjoyable and can help give you the motivation that’s needed.  Residents at Snyder Village enjoy taking part in physical activities together, such as group exercise classes, walking together, or riding in the “Holy Rollers” Bike Club.  Many senior living communities offer chair exercise classes or more advanced classes to help residents stay active and healthy.  At Snyder Village, Silver Sneakers exercise classes are offered regularly on campus, along with more unique classes, such as Ball Drumming.  Residents are able to reap the health benefits of exercise, while at the same time socialize with their friends and neighbors.  Other specialized classes can be found through local gyms, community centers, and park districts.  “It’s always a good idea to grab a buddy to be active with!” says Maddie.  “Remember, it’s never too late to start!”


Snyder Village in Metamora is a Life Plan Community that offers independent living in its retirement cottages and apartments.  Beautiful assisted living accommodations, memory care programs, skilled nursing care, and physical therapy are also available on campus.  Its home care services support individuals in Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford, and Marshall Counties.  For more information, call (309) 367-4300 or visit

Article by Angela Petersen

Angela Petersen specializes in meeting marketing and advertising needs. With experience in written and visual communication, she enjoys using creative means to connect current and potential residents, families, and supporters. When Angela isn’t busy writing and creating, she enjoys time spent outdoors, volunteering, and exploring the globe.

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