Cost Structure – How it works

When you purchase a cottage or apartment at Snyder Village, your investment guarantees you an equity refund based on your length of occupancy in our Retirement Community. Ten percent (10%) of your entrance fee goes directly toward our campus infrastructure, and 90 percent of your entrance fee is eligible for the guaranteed equity refund, according to the schedule below. (An additional 5 percent is deducted each year for a span up to nine years.)
Equity Refund Schedule (based on occupancy in the Retirement Community):

Length of Residency Refund Length of Residency Refund
less than 1 year 95% 5-6 years 70%
1-2 years 90% 6-7 years 65%
2-3 years 85% 7-8 years 60%
3-4 years 80% 8-9 years 55%
4-5 years 75% 9 years 50%

Equity refunds are made payable to you or your estate upon the resale of the cottage/apartment or after 12 months, whichever is sooner.