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Snyder Village Staff Complete Dementia Certification

Three members of the Snyder Village Health Center team recently completed Certified Dementia Practitioner Certification following coursework and attending a seminar on Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. Congratulations to Amanda Yetter, Nichole Sparks, and Kelsy Blair.

“This is a part of our on-going education specific to dementia care,” says Amanda Yetter, activities director of the Snyder Village Health Center. “Our hope is to focus on providing the best care possible, and this gives us more knowledge and insight not only for ourselves, but also to share with team members and staff.” All Snyder Village employees who work on the Memory Care unit are required to complete 12 hours of training each year.

“Residents with dementia need us the most and depend on us for everything… not only their day-to-day care, but also their happiness and well-being,” she says. “If they are scared, anxious or restless, we need to understand that… we may need to be more comforting, more gentle, and explain everything more carefully.”
Dementia Communication Tips
Yetter shares these tips for anyone who has a loved one with dementia:
• Don’t argue.
• Don’t try to correct confusion.
• Do your best to meet them in that moment… whatever it is they are talking about, try to find a way to be a part of the discussion and agree with them.
• Learn about the dementia diagnosis so you are more knowledgeable and what to expect and how to respond.

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