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Stress-Free Moving Options with Snyder Village

Many times, just the thought of packing and selling your home to move to a Retirement Community is overwhelming.  Residents of Snyder Village sat down to share what making the move to the Retirement Community at Snyder Village was really like.  By taking advantage of Snyder Village’s “Stress-Free Moving Program”, the residents found the transition an easier process than they had expected.  The program can offer help in finding a real estate agent, downsizing, preparing a house for sale, hiring reliable movers, and unpacking and setting up the new home at Snyder Village. What is often a frustrating process is made more manageable for the whole family.  Snyder Village wants to help make the move as worry-free as living at Snyder Village will be. 

For more information on Independent Living at Snyder Village, call (309) 367-4900 or click here.

For information on the “Stress-Free Moving Program”, click here.

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